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School In Motion

Not the best but A for effort.  Blake Miller, Jacob Glasson, Olivia Ranson.


Environmental Portrait



Split Face Self Portrait

Blake Miller split face

Painting with Light Re-Shoot

water bottle 228

About Me Statement

My name is Blake Miller.  I am a 2nd year student at the MAD academy at Santa Barbara High School.  I am proficient with Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Excel, Word, and Power point.  I am very timely and am seldom late or absent to any classes or appointments.

I have always been very fond of the nature and wilderness.  So that is my favorite subject to shoot.  I feel I am strong with photos in nature because I am familiar with it.  I know the times of day for the best light, and I know good spots too shoot.  But the main reason I think nature is my strongest subject is because it is my passion.

One of my strongest personal skills is the ability to listen.  I retain what I hear and am taught very easily.  Another trait I have is being organized, which I think will take you a long way in any work place.

Finally I would like to address my previous work experiences.  Although none of these previous jobs have to do with photography, I believe all work experiences will leave you better qualified for your next one.  I have worked at a store called Sierra Hills Market”.  I went on a 5-day community service trip to an Indian reservation in Arizona to build houses.  And currently I am interning at a local business called “Noozhawk”.

Painting With Light






Window Light Photography